PureMama Pregnancy Pilates Classes

Are you are looking to keep moving and motivated during your pregnancy?

Our PureMama Pregnancy Pilates classes, are specifically designed around our ”moms to be” changing and blooming bodies. The Pilates exercises are modified to ensure safe practice for you and your little one. We focus on strengthening your pelvic floor, core and help alleviate any aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Our goal is to support you throughout your pregnancy, for birthing and into your post natal journey.

As a woman goes through her pregnancy so many changes occur in her body on a daily basis. These changes are mainly due to the amount of different hormones that are being produced. And there is a large amount of pressure that is put on the joints as well as the spine during this time.

We use the Pilates breathing method to teach our PureMama moms to use their breath and to go within when feeling uncomfortable and uneasy and to prepare for labour.

Please contact us if you are pregnant and interested in taking Pregnancy Pilates classes with us; be it our Online Pilates classes or In Studio Pilates classes so that we can recommend and tailor classes for you.

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