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Without our clients, local and international, we wouldn't have Pureform Pilates. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional Pilates instruction for our clients benefits. But don't just take our word for it, see below and read what our clients have to say about their experiences with us.


Reneilwe, Gauteng - In Studio & Online Classes

I am continually impressed by how well Lindsay plans and instructs her classes. I joined Pureform Pilates at the beginning of 2019 and my experience has consistently been that I am simultaneously challenged yet supported through her clear guidance to manage the exercises. I find myself managing even the toughest sessions with steady and sustained capacity right through to the end! Lindsay’s comprehensive knowledge of how the body functions is evident in how she packages the exercises to balance each other out, even when the class focuses on a particular muscle group. She is skillful in striking the delicate balance between challenging one’s body beyond one’s comfort zone without pushing the limits too far, and she seamlessly provides this individual attention in a group class as well without disrupting or halting the session for the other clients in the class.

I had intended to intensify my practice of Pilates this year by adding reformer classes to my matwork package but the closing of the studio due to the COVID 19 regulations unfortunately restricted me from fulfilling this plan. Nevertheless, the instructors at the studio have all been so positive in their transition to offering online classes. I haven’t felt at a loss that I couldn’t practice on the reformers in studio because the matwork classes online have been dynamic and of a high standard that I still manage to get a great, rigorous workout from the sessions. Maintaining my Pilates practice has honestly been my sanity through the lockdown, especially being confined indoors and living an even more sedentary lifestyle than usual. I am so grateful that I can continue accessing the classes online even though the studio has reopened because I left the province when the lockdown was announced and I’m not due to return to Cape Town anytime soon. I have really appreciated how professional and accommodating the team at Pureform Pilates has been in adapting to the circumstances.

Corle Irvine, Cape Town - In Studio & Online Classes

Pureform Pilates – My happy hour
Lindsay and her entire team are thoughtful & methodical in their preparation of each class. They always show up, and always have something new to teach or a comment to make you realise what muscle you should be feeling. In the 3 years I have been with Pureform Pilates I have not done 2 classes that were the same. And I can see the care that goes into their preparation.

What we learn, the way we are instructed and being able to evaluate how strong you become from one class to the next makes it such an exciting space to be in.

The classes accommodate a variety of students, and I cannot speak for other students, but I feel challenged in every class, and otherwise exercises that use to be very difficult becomes easier as I become stronger. Instructors consider each person that part-takes in the class and teach with a careful but progressive pace.

The household items we use in the online classes adds exciting variety and focus to the classes.

With consistency, a lovely Pilates studio and the best teachers, I am the happiest, strongest version of myself. What is not to love!

Pureform Pilates is a gem, suggested to me 3 years ago by a very sweet friend. So, I would suggest Pureform Pilates over and over again. <3

Shanna Heyes, Johannesburg - Online Classes

I have fallen in love with Pilates!

I started doing pilates with PureForm Pilates as lockdown level 5 started at the end of March and I don’t think I could live without it now.

The online classes allow you to be comfortable in your own space and control your surroundings just the way you like it. The instructors are amazing at explaining what you need to do from every breath to every slight little movement, so you don’t feel lost, even if you’re a newbie to Pilates like I am. I am challenged in every class and have seen some major progress in my core and overall strength from day one.

I am appreciative of Lindsay’s patient and observing nature, especially when your body may be feeling niggly and/or experiencing any pain. She offers alternatives for those very strenuous exercises which your body might not be able to handle and is very encouraging and supportive about your progress.

I’ve done the online classes before my busy day starts (7 am), during my lunch hour (12 pm) and after a very challenging day (5 pm), and no matter what time I do the class, I always feel energised and relieved for the time to focus on me, my body and my strength.

Danielle Morrison, Doha - In Studio & Online Classes

After a 4 year break from Pilates, having moved overseas, it was great to be able to get back on the mat virtually with the Pureform Ladies.

The online schedule allows for flexibility to suit you and the ladies mix up the classes to ensure you never get bored. Who knew how heavy tinned beans could be!

My posture has improved, my core is strong again and I feel more energised. I would highly recommend Pureform to all fitness levels, wherever you are in the world!

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