We have recently moved our studio to bustling Bree Street, to the Manhattan Place building in Cape Town.

New address: Suite 302, 3rd floor, Manhattan Place, 130 Bree Street, City Centre, Cape Town

The Studio

Pureform Pilates offers intimate group mat classes focusing on the posture, alignment and correct muscle activation of all our clients. For this reason we keep our classes small, limited to 8 people, to ensure all our clients’ needs are met. 

We also offer the following:

Semi-private classes:
These classes are structured to take two clients at a time, they are specialised according to our clients’ specific needs. Here we also use our specialised Pilates equipment such as the Reformer, Chair and Cadillac.

Private classes:
These are one on one classes completely focused on the client’s strengths and weaknesses. We also use our specialised Pilates equipments during these classes.

Pregnancy Pilates:
These classes are specifically designed around our ”moms to be” changing and blooming bodies. Exercises are modified to ensure a safe practice. We focus on strengthening the expectant mom’s pelvic floor, core and help alleviate any aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Our goal is to support our “preggy bellies” throughout pregnancy, during birth as well as post natal.

Pureform Pilates is affiliated to Trifocus Fitness Academy offering comprehensive Pilates Instructor training courses.